RonDB build for ARM

Is there a RonDB distribution that can be run on instances with ARM processors?

We are currently developing support for ARM processors.
It has been tested on ARM in VMs in the Oracle Cloud and
on ARM in new Mac Book Pro machines. There are still some
issues with it. So we are working against being able to deliver
a RonDB distribution that can run on ARM as well. It seems
to work better in production builds than it does on debug builds
for the moment.

It does build on ARM, so you can try it out by building it and reporting
any issues you find. On production builds it passed a large part of
the tests, but there are still some failing tests.

Could you share a nightly build compatible with ARM?

The latest code that works fairly well on ARM64 is available on in the tree in the 21.04 branch.

You can build it using the scripts:
build_scripts/ for DEBUG
build_scripts/ for testing version
build_scripts/ for production version

They have slightly different status these builds. The testing is performed on Mac OS X
using the M1 Pro CPUs using Mac OS X and on Oracle Cloud ARM VMs using Oracle Linux.

I am currently working on a release of RonDB 21.04.2, this will include an alpha or beta
release of ARM64 support on Linux and Mac OS X. I am close to release, so should be
ready within 1-2 weeks hopefully.

The code in the mentioned branch works really well now on ARM on Mac OS X, more or less at the
same quality level as on x86.

We uploaded ARM64 binaries now for RonDB 21.04.2 for both Mac OS X and Linux.

Is it this one - ?

All binary tarballs are uploaded to the github web page.
But now they are also all uploaded to
The one you are looking for is named:
Index of /master/ rondb-21.04.2-linux-glibc-2.28-arm64_v8.tar.gz

Thanks will check it out.