Is it possible to use a Hybrid storage model of memory and disk?

@mikaelronstrom i had a question w.r.t storage of data in ronDB

  1. is it possible to spill data to disk if there is too much data?

  2. or can we at least store the partition replicas on disk? :thinking:

do the tables have to exclusively be in-memory or disk at all times?

also on a separate note how can we calculate the size used by a specific table in memory?

Columns can be stored in memory or on disk.
In memory columns will always be stored in memory using
DataMemory. On-disk columns will be stored on disk and in
a page cache. Thus if there is too much data in page cache
they will be spilled to disk, if there is space in page cache or if
the data is hot it will stay in the page cache in memory.

All columns that are part of primary key and all columns that are
part of ordered indexes need to be in-memory. For non-indexed
columns one can select on a column basis or table basis whether
they should be stored in memory or on disk.

The size of a table is dependent on use of VARCHAR columns and
other variable sized columns.

The current size of a table can be discovered using ndbinfo tables.