DNS entries for jdbc connection string with load balance

In our RonDB setup we are using a bunch of mysql servers for read queries and currently configured it using jdbc connection string with load balance as documented here.
As per connection string format,
jdbc:mysql:loadbalance://[host1][:port],[host2][:port][,[host3][:port]]...[/[database]] » [?propertyName1=propertyValue1[&propertyName2=propertyValue2]...], we have specified the IP addresses if MySQL server instances. Is it possible to use DNS entry (like Route53 DNS entry) here?

What we trying to achieve is we have a service that continuously makes those read requests, so when there’s a need to increase read throughput, we can add more mysql servers and configure its IP address in Route53 entry.

The JDBC connector is able to setup several hosts and according to the below
MySQL documentation links it is even possible to add new links to the JDBC connection.

The method you described could work, but usually DNS caching has various timeouts to consider. So not sure exactly what will happen.